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Clínica Verde is a new model of care
for families in need.

Clínica Verde is a global healthcare organization that designed and operates a prototype of a sustainably designed health hub in Nicaragua. We take a preventive approach to the wellbeing of our cherished patients, providing not just clinical care, but nutrition and health education in an environment designed to support and improve health outcomes. Clínica Verde is not just a clinic – it’s a center of excellence in community health that celebrates the dignity of all who enter our doors. A place where people want to go.

We are guided by the belief that everything we do and produce as a response to poverty and human suffering should acknowledge the value and potential of each life while demonstrating respect for the shared resources of our world.

Visit us at Barrera Municipal 400 metros al Este, Boaco, Nicaragua.

OUR IMPACT (as of December 2020)

patients served

patients received health education


rural community health consults

Prenatal check-ups


vaccinations for children + pregnant women


growth + development consults for children under 5

Through the Prenatal Nutrition Program I learned what are the most nutritious foods to eat better and take care of my baby and the importance of breastfeeding. Now I know how to feed my baby and family to keep them healthy and I have a home garden to help with this.”

Maria Marbeli Diaz, 34, Clínica Verde Prenatal Nutrition Group

I love the opportunity to contribute to the training and education of teens, making a real change in their lives. But most of all I like serving patients and knowing that I’m helping to improve their health problem.”

Yessica Solano, Clínica Verde Nurse



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