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A Force of the Spirit


By María José Montiel Castillo

A robust woman with a strong and steady gaze arrives at Clinica Verde. Her physical sturdiness conceals her poor state of health – who would guess her misfortunate by looking at her? She speaks with great authority when describing the illness that overwhelms her.

“I have to stay controlled,” Piedad says, with all the tranquility and passivity in the world. She had learned to survive with her problems, her illness; she knows how to follow the healthy diet prescribed by her physician: “I have a table that a nutritionist gave me,” she adds. It was 5 years ago she discovered she had diabetes and hypertension. The two evils came together.

Living in the city of Boaco means it’s not difficult for Piedad to comply with her appointments. Every month she comes to Clinica Verde in search of peace. Her physician, Dr. Miranda, makes sure her health is good and that her fight hasn’t been in vain.

Before Piedad discovered Clinica Verde, one of her sisters came to the clinic. She said she was pleased that the clinic had specialists and was convenient for her to visit, and she praised the housekeeping as clean and orderly. She said she would flee if a place was dirty with rude people, but at Clinica Verde “they treat me well as though it were a private clinic.”

Piedad’s family is comprised of two children, one of whom has visited Clinica Verde. Her two boys have now formed their own families, but she remains youthful and tries to stay active. Despite having two diseases that will ride piggyback on her throughout her life, she is an example of fortitude, bringing honor to Nicaraguan women who seek joy in their lives and families. She believes her work is to live life to the fullest and to bring happiness to those she loves.

But the woman who smiles at what plagues her today came seeking an explanation for the pain in her ovaries. Dr. Miranda performs a PAP, which looks clear. She leaves uplifted by the good news.

María José Montiel Castillo is a student in the School of Communications at the University of Central America. 

The name of the patient has been changed.

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