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A little bit goes a long way …

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It is often said that a little bit goes a long way. But when we are working to address global challenges like healthcare, a simple and impactful reminder is a beautifully welcomed gift.

Recently, we received word about a particular case in our Boaco, Nicaragua clinic. Michael, a 4-year-old patient, was in dire need of surgery​ to save his vision. He and his family walked over four hours to seek help at the clinic to find out what was wrong with Michael’s eyes.

​The loving staff at Clinica Verde are incredibly creative and collaborative – especially when it comes to finding help for their patients. The staff reached out to the Ophthalmology Nicaragua Foundation, and had Michael see a specialist in the capital city of Managua – a long journey for Michael and his family. They learned that his vision could be saved with a surgery process that will have 2 parts; the first surgery will remove the lens of his eyes and the second will implant intraocular lenses. But due to complications in the condition of Michael’s eyes and because he is a child, it was imperative we use general anesthesia and provide special care. Unfortunately, ​the program could not cover the costs for what’s considered “special surgery.” Michael’s family lives in extreme poverty – if we didn’t get him into this surgery, he would soon be blind.

The cost of Michael’s vision was less than most household’s monthly grocery bill. Yet it would provide this 4-year-old boy with a lifetime of vision.

So we reached out on our social media channels – and through our network of caring hearts like you – to make this surgery happen for him. ​​In less than a few hours, the money was raised and Michael was scheduled for surgery. “There could not be a more deserving use of that money,” one donor who manages an advertising department shared. “Praying for this family that they get the help they need,” shared another real estate agent who jumped in to help right away. A young barista just getting on her feet donated the final amount needed to reach our goal for Michael’s surgery, and shared “Keep doing awesome things!!”

And we will. We are dedicated and steadfast, and with the help of loving hearts like yours we will bring health and hope to children and families living in poverty just like Michael. It is important to remember that sometimes a little bit truly does go a long way.

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