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A Picture of Hope

Lindsey and Lesli Dumler

Lindsey and Lesli Dumler


We love it when our supporters join us for a trip to Clinica Verde to see for themselves what we do on the ground. Recently, we were happy to have Lesli Dumler and her daughter Lindsey travel from their home in Littleton, Colorado to Nicaragua. Leslie is currently an independent sales consultant whose background is in corporate finance. Lindsey is a sophomore in high school, plays lacrosse and field hockey and loves art and animals.  (She also just got her driver’s license!) Here, in her own words, Lesli shares their experience.
What drew you to working at Clinica Verde?
After hearing about the work and mission of Clinica Verde, we were interested in seeing first-hand how CV is bringing health and hope to impoverished communities that don’t have access to the basic needs of sanitary healthcare and reproductive health.  As a mother of a teen, I am passionate about giving teens the knowledge of caring for their bodies.  After facing the tragedy of losing our son and brother, Lindsey and I were also passionate about getting out in the world to witness other perspectives and giving back as we have been given so much support and love in our lives.
What was the most challenging thing about your experience at Clinica Verde?  
Not having the amount of time at the clinic and in the community.  We felt that we were just scratching the surface seeing the beautiful country of Nicaragua and meeting the friendly people.  We are excited for the opportunity to come back and volunteer at CV and see more!
What was the most uplifting experience?   
By far, the most uplifting experience was visiting a patient of Clinica Verde at her home and bringing her an Eco Stove (a healthy cookstove).  We were able to meet her family and neighbors and check out the neighborhood kids playing baseball with wooden sticks.  The kids were awesome athletes and all had smiles on their faces – they taught us a thing or two about being joyful in a place with no electricity or running water.  Lindsey LOVES animals and was beside herself when one of the girls in the neighborhood brought her baby pig to Lindsey so she could see her up close and take a picture.
Is there one experience/something you saw that really stuck with you?
After getting a tour and meeting the staff, volunteers, and patients at CV, some of the teens presented a dance with colorful dress that was beautiful.  They were proud, yet welcoming and humble with their presentation.  The reproductive health program was then described as a teen mom with her baby spoke about the pre-natal and post-natal care that was given to them at Clinica Verde.  That solidified the picture of hope and the success of CV’s mission for me.

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