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Clif Bar rocks!

So, I’m guessing most of you have heard about the company Clif Bar, which makes natural and organic energy bars (including my favorite, the Mojo). Clif Bar is a very cool company, not just because they make great products, but because their values extend beyond their own brand and bottom line to the sustainability of the communities and world in which they live. They’re a very successful company that provides a progressive standard for how businesses can be both financially successful and socially responsible.

The company’s founder, Gary Erickson, wrote a book called Raising the Bar that tells the Clif story. (You can check it out on amazon: Raising the Bar.) I read the book with my husband when it was published in 2004.  

When we founded Clínica Verde in 2007, Clif Bar was our first choice in corporate sponsorship because we believed they were an example of the highest possible standard in corporate culture and responsibility. So, you can imagine how thrilled we were when the Clif Bar Family Foundation awarded us a grant. Clif Bar has issued a Matching Grant Challenge of $25,000 – that means every dollar you donate to Clínica Verde up to $25,000 will be matched by them. We are truly humbled and honored to call such a company a partner in our work!

So, go to the home page of our website and join the Clif challenge by making a donation – and tell your friends! We’re very grateful for any and all support. Donate now!

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