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What is Clínica Verde?

Clínica Verde, meaning “Green Clinic,” is a nonprofit charitable organization formed to build and assist sustainable health clinics that improve maternal and infant healthcare, beginning in Nicaragua. We promote socially responsible design and green technologies in the developing world while creating health partnerships with communities in need.

Why “green” clinics?

We believe that health should start from the ground up, beginning with sustainable building practices that take a holistic approach to the environment, community and life quality of the people we serve. Sustainable building and design saves energy, protects and conserves natural resources, contributes to a safe, healthy indoor environment, and has a positive impact on the community. We also believe that human-centered design can improve health outcomes.

Why did you decide to build the first clinic in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America and has the highest rate of adolescent fertility. One in 4 pregnancies occurs to a teen mother. One in 5 children is chronically malnourished. The need is, obviously, great. Nicaragua was selected as the site for our first clinic because of this, and also because of our personal experiences in that country and the exceptional relationships we´ve formed with members of the local community. We had talented, experienced Nicaraguans who joined us as founding Board members. Their commitment and leadership was critical to our decision to work in Nicaragua.

How is Clínica Verde working with the community in Nicaragua?

We know that Clínica Verde will be successful only if it´s a clinic that belongs to and is connected with the community it serves. Four of our board members are Nicaraguan, and we have a number of advisors working in-country to help us identify and achieve our goals. A group of these supporters formed a Comite de Amigos de Clinica Verde, a local support group, consisting of members of the community who fulfill targeted needs through volunteer action. This group is comprised of Nicaraguan business leaders, physicians, educators, and an architect who work in concert with Clinica Verde to ensure long-term sustainability.

How does poor family health in Nicaragua affect me?

When a mother ails or dies, children and families suffer, increasing the number of orphans, crime, poverty and social instability. Poverty and lack of education are leading causes of unrest and violence in our world. By helping to improve the health of families in Nicaragua, we become part of the solution to bring about change at a global level – and that affects us all.

How is Clinica Verde staffed and maintained?

Clínica Verde is operated by an entirely Nicaraguan staff. Our management team includes a Medical Director and General Manager, both with deep experience in public and private healthcare in Nicaragua. Physicians, nurses and support staff are all Nicaraguan. This team operates with weekly oversight and reporting to the CEO of Clínica Verde. Our organization in the United States engages in continuous fund-raising and development, but we are constantly exploring and experimenting with ideas and opportunities to create a more sustainable business model. Currently, each of our patients is asked to make a donation to the clinic – although we never turn away a patient who is unable to pay.

How can I help?

Share our story with your friends. Connect us to foundations and organizations who may be interested in our work. Learn more. Become a financial supporter. Help us to change lives.

Your tax-deductible donation can be mailed to: Clinica Verde, Attn: Susan Dix Lyons, 512 Pine Hill Rd., Angwin, CA 94508

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