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From Marcely Diaz …


Friday, Feb. 4, 2017

Dear Board of Directors of Clinica Verde,

Hi, I’m Marvely Diaz.

I was a participant in a group of pregnant women (at Clinica Verde), and I gained much knowledge because even though I had already had babies I didn’t know much before about what I learned, how little by little the fetus develops – it’s beautiful. How to take care of yourself and your baby, good and bad nutrition, the importance of fruits and vegetables and how you can grow them in your own home garden in order to have them on hand – these recommendations helped me and I was able to share them with other women. The recommendation of the gynecologist helped me in the moment of birth because she told us that we would have our baby and feel better, and I did have my baby and feel better. All of this helped me so much and I think that every mother who came to these groups has the possibility of taking care of herself and her baby better for all the knowledge that we each acquired and took with us.

Thank you.

Marvely Diaz

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