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In Honor of Reyes Humberto Narvaez …

Clinica Verde has always been a family – a place where the staff is part of the community, knows each other’s families, and struggles and celebrates together. This past month, one of our wonderful employees, David Narvaez, lost his father, who was beloved by all. David shares his thoughts about the man here.

Reyes Humberto Narvaez Monestel.

By David Narvaez, Clinica Verde Administrator

It is very easy to talk about Reyes Humberto Narvaez Monestel, a man full of life, energy and dreams. He was a humble and simple human being but with great character. A human being committed to his work, his family and nature; passionate about music, a lifelong student of guitar, and a teacher and educator in the art of classical guitar music. He was someone who did not mind making a mistake because he had the strength to restart everything again. He was a great fighter.

Talking about him as my father costs me a lot, because he was a great father, dedicated to his children and to his marriage. He shared with my mother more than 50 years of married life and was the father of four children. With a lot of effort, dedication and attention, along with our mother, we all have become professionals.

When I applied for a job at Clínica Verde he supported me and said, “There is no worse fight than the one not fought.” He always supported me and was happy to see me working with wonderful people. He welcomed to our home many students who came to Clínica Verde and shared with them the few phrases he knew in English (because he worked on a sailor’s boat when he was very young). He opened the doors of his home and his heart to Clínica Verde. Our last conversation about Clínica Verde was the night before traveling to El Salvador for my young leaders program, when he promised to wait for me to return – and he did.

I thank everyone in my own name and in the names of my mother and brothers for offering words of encouragement and support in this difficult moment. I am also thankful for the homage paid my father by planting a tree by the entrance of Clínica Verde. This tree is from an avocado seed that he wanted to be planted at the end of the patio of our house, but life did not give him the time to do it. Today it is part of Clínica Verde and I know that when the fruits will be shared that is something that will please my father.

I write these words next to my mother, who at this moment gives us the strength to keep going. I am sad and overwhelmed because it is not easy, but we have faith that Don Narváez is already in a better place.

Planting the avocado tree in the name of Don Narvaez.

Planting the avocado tree in the name of Don Narvaez.


Remembering David's father.

Remembering David’s father.



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