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Learning to be a Mom …

Alondra Urbina y bebe

By María José Montiel Castillo

Alondra returned to Clinica Verde with her 9-month-old baby in her arms. The first-time mother walked through the entrance of the clinic, her face beaming as she sat down in the waiting room next to her sister, Geilling, who came to Clinica Verde for help and guidance through her pregnancy.

The story between Clinica Verde and Alondra started 1 year ago, when Alondra decided to leave Hotel Monte Espana in Managua, where she went for her first prenatal control. “I preferred to control my pregnancy here because the attention is much better, the people are loving and the doctors are very good,” she said. Even though the journey to Clinica Verde from Managua isn’t short, she has family in Boaco, which makes it easier.

Alondra’s sister Geilling was only a few months pregnant, also with her first child.  She had come to Clinica Verde for care after hearing of her sister’s good experience and recommendation. The two sisters try to support each other as mothers.

“Here they serve you very, well,” said Alondra. “They make good diagnosis and the medications are very affordable.” She heard these comments from others who had come to Clinica Verde, which is why she decided to put her pregnancy in the hands of the doctors there. “I love Clinica Verde,” she said. “They always treated me very well when I still had my baby in my belly, which is why, even though I live in Managua, I come here.”

The trip from Managua isn’t short. When she comes to Clinica Verde she wakes at 5 a.m. to arrive at 11 a.m., as the bus stops frequently. Luckily, Alondra has family in Boaco. Thanks to the attention she received at Clinica Verde, Alondra had a safe and healthy pregnancy, delivering by caesarean. Her baby girl was born healthy and she has brought her back to make sure she remains so. And, Alondra added, her daughter already knows the place well enough to know where the toys are as she waits.

María José Montiel Castillo is a student in the School of Communications at the University of Central America. 

We like to share with you short stories about our patients.  When women like Alondra and her sister Geilling come to Clinica Verde we’re so pleased because we can provide attention and counsel throughout their pregnancies and, hopefully, their children become long-time Clinica Verde patients whose lives and well-being we can affect through education and early intervention. Thank you for making this work possible through your support.

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