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“Like arriving at an oasis …”

Cary & Kerry

Kerry Brackett and Cary Collins recently joined the Board members of Clinica Verde for a trip to Nicaragua to see the clinic. Kerry is a native of Wisconsin who works as Health and Fitness Manager at Meadowood Napa Valley and Cary hails from Buffalo, New York, and works in marine, technology and aerospace management. Both Kerry and Cary serve on the Global Outreach Committee of Grace Episcopal Church in St. Helena, California, which has supported the work of Clinica Verde since its inception. Here’s what they have to say about their experience visiting Clinica Verde.



We learned of the project at Grace Episcopal Church both from the outreach committee itself and a presentation from Susan (Dix Lyons, the founder). We were immediately interested in learning more about the project, and decided to join the board on a trip. Arriving at the clinic was very uplifting. After driving through the town, seeing the conditions that people were living in and then arriving at the clinic – it was like arriving at an oasis in the desert. It was beautiful and extremely well taken care of. But what really stood out was the staff and how proud they were to work there and to be a part of Clinica Verde. And one could not miss the love between everyone – the staff and the board members. It was wonderful to experience! There were tears of joy, holding hands, smiles and beautiful conversation. The conversation and the gratitude from the women that we met with will never be forgotten.

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