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Little Michael’s Vision


Last month, we shared a story about Michael, a 4-year-old patient in dire need of surgery​ to save his vision. During pre-surgical assessments, the complexity and urgency of Michael’s condition became apparent. The pressure in his eyes was dangerously high, and the more complex surgery would cost much more than anticipated. When we met Michael and heard his story, we quickly set up a Go Fund Me page and people from all over the globe responded. As a result, this little boy’s life was changed in an amazing way – and his family’s dream came true.

When we received the news from our partners at the Nicaraguan Ophthalmologist Foundation (FONIPRECE) that Michael’s case was much more complex than anticipated, we all needed to act fast. Michael had a short amount of time to undergo the surgery needed before he was at risk of becoming permanently blind. It is times like this that we are so genuinely grateful for the dedication of our partners, and the generosity of our supporters – including the nineteen people who came together rapidly to cover the additional cost of Michael’s surgery.

We are happy to share that Michael successfully underwent the first of two surgeries in Managua during the last week of August, and is responding very well. The second surgery will replace the intraocular lens of Michael’s eyes, and we anticipate that he will have the capacity to see and function normally with the use of glasses. It is because of our partners, staff, and supporters who did not hesitate in jumping in to help this little boy that we are able to make enormous differences in people’s lives at Clinica Verde.

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