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Live from the Collaborative and Classy Awards …


Clinica Verde Co-Chairs Nikhil Bumb and Jeny Wegbreit


BOSTON – What an amazing day! My Clinica Verde Co-Chairman Nikhil Bumb and I were honored to represent Clinica Verde at the Classy Awards in Boston. Day two of this three-day event was filled with inspiring speeches on new funding models, the need for constant measurement and improvement, the importance of transparency, and innovative healthcare solutions. It’s filled us with new ideas that we can’t wait to share with the Clinica Verde Board and staff.

Most importantly, our days have given us the opportunity to meet with and talk to other social entrepreneurs. It has been fantastic to hear about other innovative ideas and to learn from these exchanges about ways that we may work together or even just ideas we can bring to Clinica Verde. One recurring message across the Collaborative ’16 + Classy Awards sessions has been the importance of sharing failures as well as successes. Learning from other organizations and how they have addressed their own set of challenges has been eye opening as we think about the next phase for Clinica Verde.

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