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Making a Big Difference

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Don and Joan Farrar

Don and Joan Farrar have watched Clinica Verde grow over the past 8 years from an idea to a reality. A Harvard Ph.D. with over 30 years experience in the areas of economics, finance, capital markets and financial institutions in the U.S. and abroad, Don knows how much work it takes to launch and sustain a business – and the challenges faced by a nonprofit serving those who live in extreme poverty. At the beginning, Don and Joan supported Clinica Verde with a critical leadership contribution and are now providing a new challenge to encourage support for the long-term sustainability of Clinica Verde. Here’s why Don and Joan have committed themselves to supporting Clinica Verde.

Don: It’s easy to look around and see difficulties that need to be addressed in the world, but there has to be a sense of leadership that’s credible. There are many ways we can provide our money that will be used ineffectively, but the leadership of Clinica Verde, the Board of Directors, and the vision was – and is – credible.

Joan: When we donate to a project we want to be sure that each dollar is used wisely. Having been involved with Clinica Verde since its inception, I have seen how Susan and the Board handle the time and money we have donated. This assures me that what we give will have maximum effect.

Don: The vision has always been surprising to me, and the ability to accomplish the vision has surprised me even more. It’s not just providing medical care but changing the lives of these young woman and families and providing access to other life-enhancing opportunities. The extent of the vision is admirable – and the execution has always gone beyond what I anticipated and thought possible.

Joan: We contribute to causes both here and abroad, but since we’ve been to and lived in so many impoverished countries we know that the degree of poverty is different in the developing world. Here in the U.S., the poor have opportunity, access to care and services. There’s need everywhere, but it’s a matter of degree. Clinica Verde provides an opportunity to make a big difference, where we know our support will be will managed to serve the greatest good.

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