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Maria Gives Us Courage and Heart

Maria Jose Rojas at Clinica Verde.

María José Rojas is someone who reminds us that there’s always a way to help others. The only thing required is the desire to serve – and personal will.

Two years ago, while she was still a psychology student, Maria came to Clínica Verde to offer her services free of charge. She wanted to help those who did not have enough money to pay for mental health support. It was during the rise of the social crisis that escalated in Nicaragua in 2018, and Maria knew that people were suffering.

“This young woman worked hard to pay for her own studies and is always willing to collaborate and give her hand to those who need it,” said María Elizabeth Flores, who runs the nutrition program at Clínica Verde.
“With courage, we can do it together,” the young woman often says to her co-workers, who see in her an example of the struggle that many young people in Nicaragua must face to fulfill their dreams of becoming a professional.

According to the Pan American Health Organization, Nicaragua has the highest teen suicide rate in Latin America. Mental health is increasingly recognized as integral to good public health, but continues to lack resources and a global strategy. We are proud to be able to provide vital mental and emotional health services to our rural patients.

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