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Meet CV Donor Megan Thoms …


We think our donors are all unique and wonderful. Getting to know them is part of the joy of our work. We’d like to introduce you to one: Megan Thoms, a physician assistant in a family practice in Aurora, Colorado. Megan is also a busy mom to three beautiful children and one large crazy Standard Poodle.

What’s your experience with Clinica Verde?
In January of 2014 I was given a beautiful opportunity to visit Clinica Verde.  Several months prior, I had shared with a friend my desire to travel abroad to volunteer in a medical clinic.  She just so happened to be on the Board of Clinica Verde, so when she extended me an invitation to join her on her next visit, I jumped at the opportunity.   I had no idea what I’d find in Nicaragua.  All I really knew, was it was the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.   As we drove out to the clinic, my heart truly ached seeing the living conditions of the community with houses constructed out of dirt, plastic tarps or sheets of metal with dirt floors.  When I saw Clinica Verde, I was in awe and felt so inspired by what had been built, because out in the middle of the jungle of Nicaragua was this beautiful, well constructed medical clinic where families (many families) happily, and I’d even say joyfully, waited to be seen for medical care.   They have done a tremendous job to create a community center/medical clinic that is a place of refuge, a place of healing and a place for health education.  They have brought continuity of care to their patients which is vital in making positive changes for good health.  The patients at the clinic were so thankful and I left feeling so grateful that they have this clinic.

Why do you choose to support Clinica Verde?
In 2012, I lost my husband to cancer and my family and I experienced such sadness, despair and feelings of hopelessness as many can imagine.  Out of my loss though, I witnessed the beauty in people who gave their love and care to me and my children.  I came to realize that the single most important thing that humans can provide for one another is love.  The act of love is in the service of others … caring for our neighbors near and far. It’s what really matters in life.   Love allows a person to overcome all obstacles including poverty, battling illness and loss and it gives hope for a better day to come.  I saw this love, hope and service at Clinica Verde in the doctors, in the staff and in the Board members who I felt so honored and humbled to have met.   It was absolutely beautiful to me and the thought of it, makes me smile.  That’s why I choose to support Clinica Verde.

What would you say to encourage someone else to give to Clinica Verde?
I would encourage anyone and everyone who is able to make either a one-time pledge or a monthly contribution to a charity, to consider Clinica Verde for two reasons.  One being, the medical need in Nicaragua is great and the second, Clinica Verde makes a true, sustainable impact for good in this community.  The leadership team, from the Board members to the physicians and staff, are all compassionate and intelligent people who share the same vision to improve lives that will be felt multigenerational. I know they will honor everyone’s contribution to make sure it has the most impact.  I have the strong belief that God blesses us to be a blessing to others and I’d hope individuals would consider how they can be a blessing to Clinica Verde.

Be like Megan. Donate to Clinica Verde now.

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