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Meet Our Splendid Nutritionist

Mary Flores

Mary Elizabeth Flores

We’re super-excited at Clinica Verde to have launched a 10-week pilot for our Prenatal Nutrition Program, led by our Nutritionist Mary Elizabeth Flores. The program uses interactive lectures, food-based approaches and socio-behavioral change curriculum to teach pregnant mothers about the stages of fetal development, ways to care for the health of their child in the womb, and nutrition during the pre-natal and post-natal periods, and the first five years of life. After 10 weeks, we’ll review the program results, then refine and improve based on our goals. We expect to see the program continue as one of the unique offerings of Clinica Verde to amplify whole health in the communities we serve.

We asked Mary Elizabeth a couple of questions about her work:

What attracted you to working at Clinica Verde?
Clinica Verde has a very important mission and vision to help improve the health and nutrition of the people of the Boaco community. Education is the most important tool for change in the community’s habits, behavior and life. Clinica Verde is a new model for attention to the family and people living in need in our community.

What is your vision of change as the Nutritionist at Clinica Verde?
Clinica Verde has a very important role for changing the nutritional habits and behavior for pregnant women and children, including adolescents and the very young. This is new in the region. We have an opportunity to create real change for improved health. Very good nutrition impacts people’s health over their entire life course. I’m very proud and happy to be a part of the Clinica Verde team and contribute to these projects that help improve the community and people’s life behaviors.

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