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Meet Petronila


Petronila, 20, recently discovered she was pregnant. She is now part of Clinica Verde’s Maternal and Infant Group, and visits every Wednesday with other new mothers to learn about care and nutrition during pregnancy. Here is what Clinica Verde means to Petronila:

“Being a part of this group is an incredible experience. We did not come prepared to be mothers, but now I feel I’m ready to be one. Clinica Verde provides an education that you can’t receive anywhere else around here. Now that I´ll be a mother, I have learned to love myself even more knowing that I have life inside. It gives me tranquility to know that Clinica Verde will be there when my baby is born and I can bring him here and entrust him to these people who treat me well and are so welcoming. I come here because I want the best for my son and somehow I already feel like a part of this place.”

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