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Napa Valley Dentists Volunteer at CV


We were honored to host of our first group of dentists from the U.S. in March. Over two days, a small team led by Dr. James Yoo of Napa, California, saw 37 patients for a total of 88 procedures, working late into the night despite a power outage. They were accompanied by local Boaco dentist Dr. Adriana Buitrago and a dentistry student from the American University of Managua, Alexa Alonzo González​.

Our staff loved the opportunity to work with the talented team, who brought joy and a dedication to service to the clinic. Below, Dr. Yoo shares his experience.

What impressed you most about your experience at Clinica Verde?

The patients were so appreciative that we were there to provide a service that is so in demand in this part of the country. I felt terrible that I wasn’t able to do more during our short stay.  The patients would wait for hours to be seen and were very thankful for anything that we could do. I received so many hugs from the patients as a token of their appreciation.

The staff at CV was dedicated and caring.  We could have worked all night long.  They wanted us to see as many patients as we could.  If it wasn’t for the black out, I think we would have stayed much longer on the 2nd day, as there were patients in the reception area still waiting to be treated.

Is there a patient or a story that sticks out to you?

A little boy who had several teeth extracted. He was so brave and didn’t complain of the procedure. He was offered a bottle of bubbles as a gift.  His eyes lit up as if it was Christmas morning.  All the discomfort from the procedure was forgotten as he went running into the courtyard as if he had won the grand prize.  That joy seen on that little boy’s face made the whole trip worthwhile.

Final words?

The vision and leadership is evident as you step into Clinic Verde.  We were all impressed by the quality of the group providing much-needed excellent care.


The team and family.


Dr. Adriana and CV nurse Yessica Solano.




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