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Our Pledge: We Will Be There for Our Patients

By Mary Elizabeth Flores, Clinica Verde nutritionist and program manager

Imagine facing a pandemic without any medical or financial resources. That is the situation for most of the inhabitants who live in the communities of the department of Boaco, Nicaragua, who generally have to walk several kilometers to access a health post devoid of medicines.

But Clínica Verde is committed to providing care and service for these residents, whose situation is worsened by disinformation and state inaction. Therefore, our educational talks have intensified in each community we visit, with the appropriate personal protective equipment.

We have set up medical care hotlines to bring psychological, health and company care to every home that needs us. And although the task is hard, we continue to strive to keep up with the times. Our patients need us and it is people like you who support Clinica Verde that make it possible for us to bring health to families in need.

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