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Promoting Our Teen Peer Counselors


First place winner Jeniffer Arceda

First place winner Jeniffer Arceda

By Mary Elizabeth Flores

In our commitment to educate and inform adolescents about sexual and reproductive health at Clínica Verde, we held a contest among our teen club members last month to reward not only their knowledge but also their commitment and work with peers in their communities. The contest involved questions about things such as risk factors for youth, behaviors of domestic violence, effective listening and communication, contraception, and sexually transmitted diseases. Thirty-four teens participated, and of that number nearly half scored between 80 and 100 points! Our first place winner was teen peer counselor Jeniffer Arceda with 100 points, followed by second place winner Miurel Mendéz with 99.4 points, and third place winner Eliecer Sequeira with 98.7 points.

“I’m so happy to have won, thanks to my efforts to study the program and give educational talks and advice to peers in the community,” said Jeniffer. She said the prize of $50 will go to help her family, who are very poor. Each of the winners come from rural communities and families of very few resources, and the program’s acknowledgement is a great source of pride.

We are so proud of our teens!

At Clinica Verde the counseling center and prevention work with adolescents is a priority. We train adolescents in the community and provide them with useful tools for making responsible decisions in their lives, but above all we love to see their efforts working with other teens in the community. Each step forward redoubles our commitment to make this center a model in the community.

Clinica Verde and TeenSmart partner in this program thanks to the sponsorship of the Strachan Foundation. Our Counseling Center for Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health aims to contribute to improving living conditions for the adolescents, young people and their families, through the promotion of sexual and reproductive health, with a focus on life skills and personal development that supports behavioral changes encouraging a healthy life. As a result of this program:

• 50 young people have been trained in counseling skills and techniques
• The teens have given 97 education talks with 2,247 participants in 2015
• 78 counseling sessions have been provided by the adolescents in the first quarter of 2016

We look forward to seeing this program grow and thrive with your support!

Our TeenSmart winners and team leaders

Our TeenSmart winners and team leaders

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