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Reaching rural children

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At Clinica Verde, we realize that patients can’t always come to us – sometimes we have to go to them to share our services and help teach those in surrounding communities about positive health behaviors. We love this part of our job. Recently, our staff visited La Escuela Lila Espinoza, located in the municipal zone of Teustepe, about 24 kilometers from the city of Boaco. The school teaches approximately 900 preschool and primary-aged children who come from surrounding rural neighborhoods. Awesome!

On Aug. 14, Clinica Verde visited this school to give educational talks to the children and their parents over topics including the importance of washing your hands, proper washing/cleaning of food, and the signs and treatment for dengue and Chikungunyan. Both illnesses are caused by a virus that spreads through mosquito bites, with symptoms including fever, headache and debilitating joint pain. Nicaragua reported its first death from Chikungunya this month, to a 22-month-old boy. Between January and August, 2,704 cases of Chikungunya were registered in Nicaragua.

133 children and 62 parents participated in these talks. During the visit, staff also distributed antiparasite drugs and multivitamins to the children, thanks to the support of our partner Vitamin Angels. We also performed 56 health consults to parents and school staff members. Thanks to our many supporters for making this important work possible!

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