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Mary Elizabeth Flores, Programs Coordinator

Mary is a licensed Nutritionist, native of Boaco, and the Interim Medical Director at Clinica Verde. She’s worked for many national and local NGO’s in Nicaragua and volunteered in civil society to promote human rights and the interests of women, adolescents, youth and vulnerable members of society. Mary is also the co-founder of Clinica Verde’s Prenatal Nutrition Program, a groundbreaking program to integrate healthy behaviors in the lives of young mothes and their families.

Rafael Morales, General Manager

Rafael is the General Manager of Clinica Verde in Nicaragua. Born and raised in Nicaragua, he went into exile in 1978, attended University of Alabama in Birmingham, and worked in medical management in Birmingham for 16 years before returning to Nicaragua in 1998. Rafael has been with Clinica Verde since the beginning, serving as legal representative in Nicaragua before becoming General Manager. He has three beautiful daughters and lives with his wife in Managua, where he meets with partners, negotiates contracts, and supports all business activity for Clinica Verde. Rafael splits his week in Boaco and Managua.

Yolanda Paredes-Gaitan, Executive Director

Yolanda has 25 years of experience specializing in project management, supervision, planning, monitoring & evaluation and implementation of strategies to reach project goals. She’s worked in the fields of climate change, environmental challenges, public health, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), gender, occupational health, and sexual-reproductive health topics in Central America, Colombia and the U.S., with multilateral and bilateral cooperation aid agencies, as well as international and national NGO’s & Government. She lives in Managua with her partner and son.

Celina Obando, Nurse

Celina comes from Boaco and started a nursing program when she was 18 years old, having a great interest in helping people. She began working as a licensed nurse in 2013 and continues to learn more about what it means to be a nurse every day. After finishing her studies, she was given the opportunity to work as the head of a blood bank overseeing blood counts and exams daily. At Clinica Verde she enjoys direct contact with patients, being able to help them with quality care. She takes pride is helping people receive the best care possible, providing her services as a nurse and a reliable friend. Celina says she makes sure that her patients view her as a friend because she wants her patients to trust her while feeling like they are at their second home.

Catherine Guzmán, Administrative Assistant

Catherin grew up in the community of Boaco and studied systematic engineering. She began working as an administrator in 2012, and since 2015 she’s been responsible for managing the clinic’s annual data and statistics. Catherin values the time she has spent working for Clinica Verde because of the many experiences it has afforded her. What she loves most about the clinic is the opportunity for career development, the humanistic approach to care, compassion, and most importantly the quality of care that the clinic provides to others.

Yessica Solano, RN

Yessica is a licensed nurse and surgical technician with two beautiful sons. She was able to achieve her job with great perseverance and strength. She began working at Clinica Verde in 2012 as a volunteer and was hired later that same year – a job that she performed with love and respect. In 2014, Yessica was given a position as the facilitator for Clinica Verde’s TeenSmart program, training many at-risk youth in sexual reproductive health and leadership. Yessica enjoys sharing information regarding preventative medicine, specifically pregnancy and sexual reproduction. Yessica loves working for Clinica Verde because it’s a beautiful clinic with a nice environment. “I thank God for allowing me to be part of such a beautiful project,” she says.

Yazmina Díaz, RN

Yazmina is a licensed nurse who comes from the region of Las Lagunas in the municipal area of Boaco. Yazmina went into nursing because she finds satisfaction knowing that her patients leave feeling better than upon arriving.  Before coming to Clincia Verde, Yazmina worked for the Ministry of Health of Nicaragua in the community of Santa Elisa, and later for Bautista Hospital in Managua. At Clinica Verde, Yazmina is the head nurse in charge of immunizations, Pap smears, and collaborating with the Prenatal Nutrition Group. Yazmina says that each day at the clinic brings her peace and satisfaction.

Juan Miguel García, Agricultural Engineer

Originally from the Loma de Café community of Boaco, Juan Miguel comes from a farming family. He began his career in agronomic engineering after graduating from the National Agrarian University in Camoapa in 2012. Through the work and cultivation of our biointensive garden, Juan Miguel and his team has revived degraded soil and enriched it with produce to contribute to the health and nutrition of the Clinica Verde team as well as the women and children who the clinic serves. Juan Miguel says he loves the sense of community at Clinica Verde and the opportunity to get to know and support his fellow colleagues. 

Vilma Bermúdez, Accountant

Vilma comes from Teustepe, Nicaragua and is the mother of one daughter. She is a graduate of the International University of Integration of Latin America (UNIVAL) with a license in Business Administration. With great dedication to her studies, Vilma began her occupational life in the educational sector. Arriving at Clinica Verde was a wonderful opportunity to Vilma. With the beautiful building and the warm and friendly environment, she enjoys working at Clinica Verde not just because of her educational studies, but more so because the team is constantly looking for ways to better the lives of others. She says the ability to work as a team is the reason she enjoys working at Clinica Verde every day.

Hellen Matamoros, Chief of Housekeeping

Hellen is a single mother of two children, who have always given her the strength and love to press on in life. She arrived at Clinica Verde in 2012 for the opportunity to better the life of her children by providing them an education. Hellen enjoys working at Clinica Verde because she feels supported in her community,  has a calling to keep the clinic clean and running well, a sense of accountability to live a healthy lifestyle, and an appreciation for learning how to take preventive health measures within her community. Hellen says that she thinks of Clinica Verde as her home – a home that she shares along with many patients. She is happy when she sees that her patients return with a sense of gratitude for the medical attention offered to them.

Olman Mendoza, Optometrist

Olman comes from a humble artisanal family from Camoapa, Nicaragua — about 32 kilometers from Boaco, where Clinica Verde is located. Olman is one of the trailblazers for optometry in Nicaragua, being part of the first graduating class in 2016. Olman’s patients’ satisfaction is what inspires him to be passionate about what he does. He prioritizes his relationships with patients knowing that if they feel like they can trust him, then he can do his job well.  Olman is highly motivated to offer his patients advice, recover their sight if possible, and enhance the quality of life of every patient he comes across. During his professional practices, what he most enjoys is the gratitude that his patients express.

Scarleth Baca, Pharmacist

Scarleth is the daughter of two hard-working, humble parents. She is a graduate of Jean Jacques Rousseau University (UNIJJAR), where she got her degree in clinical pharmacology. She worked at Bertha Calderón Hospital and Francisco Buitrago Health Center in Managua before joining the team of Clinica Verde as manager of the pharmacy in 2012. Scarleth is married with an 8-year-old son, who is the reason she strives to move forward in her life. Says Scarleth, “I am honored to be part of a group that dedicates the best of our work to serving those in need, offering them a better option for health care. Thanks to God, we have been growing as a team to be more committed to our patients. In every situation that Clinica Verde is involved with, they never fail to offer respect, create bonds, and exude generosity.”

Dr. Nubia Huete

Originally from Boaco, Dr. Huete graduated from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua in the school of Medical Sciences, obtaining her degrees as a doctor and general surgeon. She began her career as a primary care doctor at  Centro de Salud Ramon Guillen and Jose Nieborowski Hospital. Following the work at these institutions, Dr. Huete gained experience at the surgical clinic El Socorro. She has been attending physician at Clinica Verde since the clinic opened in 2012. Dr. Huete says her experience working at Clinica Verde has been the best in all of her working years as a professional doctor.

David Narvaez, Administrator

David is the Administrator at Clinica Verde in Nicaragua and a native of Boaco. He has a degree in Business Administration from UNAN-Managua and was a teacher of economics for 13 years in high school and college, specializing in health management through sexual and reproductive health. He also gained public administration experience working in the Ministry of Education. David loves working with and inspiring youth to live meaningful lives. He also plays guitar and cuts a mean salsa.

Dr. Lester Baca, OBGyn

Dr. Baca is a physician and Surgeon Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics. He completed his medical studies at UNAN-Managua in 2010 and his specialty in 2013 at Hospital Escuela Berta Calderón Roque – Managua. He has worked in Hospital Regional Asunción de Juigalpa and Hospital de Atención Primaria San Francisco de Asís  de Camoapa, serving the community as an obstetrician and subdirector. Dr. Baca comes from a humble and hard-working family and applied himself to earn recognition and academic distinction. He has also completed studies in colposcopy and Ultrasound. He is married and is the father of two small children.

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