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Stichting Clinica Verde Reaches Out

Attendees at the Stichting CV event in Amsterdam.

On February 2, our friends at Stichting Clinica Verde in the Netherlands held their first awareness event for their foundation, which supports Clinica Verde U.S. through independent activities in Europe. The event was held at the beautiful Royal Hall in Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, and was a great success!

Stichting CV (Foundation Clinica Verde) was formed in 2011 by Clinica Verde Board member and Treasurer Dennis de Vreede, and two partners who have also served as Advisors to our project: Coen de Vuijst and Eelco van der Stok.  It is registered as a separate charity in the Netherlands. We established a formal license agreement between entities, granting Stichting CV the right to use our name to engage in charitable foundation services in Europe to support our cause. We are so grateful for the efforts and commitment of Dennis, Coen and Eelco to spread the word about Clinica Verde and help promote the work of our organization.

A special thanks to Marijke Wijnroks, who represents the Dutch minstry of Foreign Affairs, for attending the event and delivering an address about the importance of supporting causes such as ours in the world.

According to the World Giving Index 2010, 77% of people in the Netherlands give money to charity, making the Dutch the second most generous in Europe after the Maltese. Another impressive fact: 0.8% of GDP in the Netherlands is spent on aid (as compared to 0.2% in the U.S.). In short, the Dutch rock.

We expect to have more good news to report about Stichting CV in the coming year!

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