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The Clinica Verde Culture: Staff Lunches



By Mary Elizabeth Flores, Program Director at Clinica Verde

As part of its model of compassionate care, Clinica Verde covers staff lunches for its entire team – and it’s a great experience for everyone. It allows us to get together and share as colleagues, engage in conversation, get to know each other better, and above all relieve the tensions that can occur during work – and it’s an effort that we all collaborate on. We also have lunches on special days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and work anniversaries, and the experience has made us stronger as a team. To get together in our garden, where we produce some of the food we share, also provides moments of happiness, fellowship and gratitude for nature and Mother Earth for all that she gives us, while providing a moment of diversion and relaxation.

We are grateful for the support provided the Clinica Verde team to give us these wonderful moments.


Staff collecting produce for lunch at the Clinica Verde garden.




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