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Why I Support Clinica Verde …

Rebecca Duran-center

University of Alabama Medical Student Rebecca Duran, center, with the Clinica Verde team.

Rebecca Duran is an MD/MSPH candidate in the Class of 2018 at the University of Alabama School of Medicine. Here, in her own words, why she supports Clinica Verde.

When I visited Clinica Verde over the summer of 2014 I was a first year medical student. I didn’t have enough knowledge or skills to contribute much to the medical care provided, but I had spent a lot of time shadowing in the U.S. healthcare system and I had already begun the journey to becoming a doctor myself. I understood the value of compassionate care, and some of the barriers which can prevent patients in need from receiving that care. Because Nicaragua is a developing country I expected that both tangible and intangible resources, such as time, might be in short supply and that this could worsen some of those barriers to good, compassionate care. Clinica Verde does not let this happen, though. To all who entered the beautiful health center- the youngest and oldest, the poor, those who were pregnant- I saw the staff and doctors deliver compassionate and humanistic care. I had the chance to see these values blossom outside the examining rooms as well, as I was there while the community garden and youth programs were just at their beginning and I saw them being designed in such a way as to benefit as many as a possible. This is why I support Clinica Verde; because I believe in the mission of providing excellent healthcare in way that celebrates the dignity of patients.

Rebecca Duran in Boaco, Nicaragua.

Rebecca Duran in Boaco, Nicaragua.

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