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Why We Support Clinica Verde …

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Brian O’Neill is Executive Vice-President of O’Neill Associates Inc. – an insurance firm specializing in professional liability, risk management, and business insurance for architects, engineers and land surveyors – and a former Board member of Clinica Verde. As an MBA student at Yale in 2013, Brian worked with a small team to study and develop the financial sustainability of Clinica Verde. Here, he shares why he and his wife continue to support Clinica Verde.

Right when you walk through the green arches of Clinica Verde, you can feel the magic of what occurs inside. The work that Clinica Verde does is so important. While I was an MBA student, I was lucky enough to work firsthand with the wonderful staff and was able to get to know the patients who were receiving care. This experience has stuck with me long after my first encounter with the organization. The smiling faces of the children and expecting mothers is a true testament to the exceptional care that the patients receive.

Recently, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world and that experience has only strengthened our support for Clinica Verde. Knowing now, firsthand, how scary it can be to be a “patient” has given my wife and me a great appreciation for the caring staff of Clinica Verde and the organization as a whole. The programs they run for expectant mothers, children, teenagers and even adults are exceptional. Clinica Verde holds a special place in our hearts and we are extremely proud of all the great work that they do.

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