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Clínica Verde’s singular model is defined by our compassionate approach to care, our use of evidence-based design, and our health education programs that enhance patients’ self-efficacy. In a resource-limited setting where a third of the population lives more than two hours walking distance from the nearest basic health services and an estimated 80% of the rural population lives on less than $2 per day, why do evidence-based design and compassionate clinical care matter? Our approach saves money, improves health outcomes, reduces environmental impact, and increases the number of return visits. In addition, this approach results in improved staff and patient satisfaction and reduced stress and anxiety around the patient-provider relationship.  In the following two white papers we provide the evidence from academic publications that support the positive outcomes of evidence-based design and compassionate care. We have also documented our approach to each to provide a roadmap for like-minded organizations.

Compassionate Care White Paper:

Evidence-Based Design White Paper:

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